Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo Budget (Ugh)

The holidays are over, the decorations are put away and I had my yearly “too tired to get out of bed week” last week.  So what have I done this week?  Well it is that time of year that I get all of my photos printed and organized for scrapping.  Smile  This is where I broke the bank!

Family 2011 photos – not bad only 85 photos for the entire year

First half of Kaela’s 9th grade – again not bad, still do able

2011 Road Trip – yea here is where I messed up Smile


I knew I was taking a ton of photos during the trip and I did not even print all of them.  I am going to have loads of fun putting this album together. 

I have all of them organized by day of the trip and I think tomorrow after CURVES I am going to sit and get the journaling done before I forget the details.



I think I am also going to take a few of the photos to place in the “family 2011” album since I did not take many day to day photos this year. 


Today was measurement day and here are my numbers in a nutshell.

Weight: up 1/2 pound (not bad considering it was the holidays)

Overall inches lost: 12.75!

Number of workouts total: 12 (missed a week being sick)


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