Monday, November 16, 2015

Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking - The Workshop

Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking

CTMH Special - November

So I took advantage of the special this month and with that I am stepping out of the box on my personal style. 

I have not put these pages together yet so the photos are the photos from the workshop (stock photos of the layouts).

I am getting together with my consultant sisters on Wednesday for our monthly lunch and crop and I have prepped these pages to work on while I am with them.  Here is how I prepped:

I took 6 of our 12 x 12 zip top bags (the ones the paper packs come in).  I labeled 5 of the bags with the number of the layout.  Example bag 1 is labeled layout 1. 

Then I taped the 5 bags in order to the side of my desk.  As I was looking at the cutting diagram I noticed that the "cuts" are labeled 5G, or 3H and so on,  meaning that it is layout 5 cut G.  So as I am cutting down the papers I am writing the code on the back of each piece  then slipping that piece into the proper bag.  Meaning 5G goes into bag 5.  

Bag 6 is for the "scraps".  You will use every single sheet of paper in this package and only have a few scraps but I keep my scraps for cardmaking so bag 6 is a must for me.   I also placed my instructions and embellishments in this bag.

This is where I am kicking myself in the behind for NOT taking a photo of the set up. 

There is also a layout map for each bag so that goes in there too.  

This is what the layouts will look like once I am done

Bag 1 - Lovely Day Layout 

Bag 2 - Memories Layout 

Bag 3 - Laugh Layout

Bag 4 - Be Happy Layout

Bag 5 - Hello Layout

I am telling you, 
I can not wait for Wednesday to get here so I can finish putting my pages together.

Have you ordered your Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking Workshop yet?

What are you waiting for?

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