Monday, November 2, 2015

Fun with Fundamentals & Water Colors

I was doing a little fall cleaning in my scraproom and noticed that I never unpacked my convention bag from this summer!  It still had all of the lovely artwork in it that we were taught during convention!  

The theme of the convention was the Disney movie "UP" so we did a layout using the Fundamentals papers using the "UP" theme.  We were also given some water colors to play with for the very first time.

As you can see I have not put a photo on this layout yet because I have not scrapped my convention photos yet - but I will.    I love how the Fundamentals Papers and Fundamental Assortments really make this layout POP! 

Fundamental Papers: 
Pg 109 in the Catalog
Whimsey: Z3127
Adventure: Z3125
Enchantment: Z3126
Basics: Z3128

Fundamental Assortments:
Pg 111 in the Catalog
Thistle: Z3103
Pear: Z3100
Cranberry: Z3101
Peacock: Z3098
Pomegranate: Z3099
Black: Z3104
Gold: Z3102

Watercolor Paints : Z3132
Watercolor Brushes: Z3188
Watercolor Paper: Z3146

A little funny and a disclaimer: 

CTMH sells watercolor paints and a set of watercolor brushes and I happen to have both of them.  Kaela came home from UNT this weekend and was showing me some watercolor techniques and she had a fit about the paints - loved them for our applications but was not happy with the brushes.  

So if you are a serious artist then I am being told to go out and get a "good" set of watercolor brushes BUT if you want to create pretty artwork for our scrapbooks then the CTMH brushes "will do"  - I think sending her to art school and UNT is turing her into a little art snob.  Needless to say - even though I am not a serious artist and barely know how to use the watercolors myself (yet) - I now have a set of "good" brushes thanks to my daughter. 

Now if I could only get the cat to stop trying to drink the water that I use to clean the brushes with while working. 

 Yea that would be good.

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