Friday, November 20, 2015

Retirement With Watercolor Paints

This week I was asked to make a retirement card.  I can not say for who and whom but I can show the card because I do not think the person it is for follows my blog.  

I actually made this card three times because I just was not happy with the way the flowers were coming out.  So I kept at it until I finally found a combination that I liked.  

Here is the mess that I was making on Thursday.  Sometimes you just have to keep working on a technique until you get a finished product that you like.  

CTMH does sell 12 x 12 watercolor paper (Z3146) but for this card I did not want to cut up a sheet of the paper so I raided my daughters' stash of art supplies and found watercolor 4x6 packs.  This size was perfect for me to practice on without feeling like I was wasting my CTMH paper. 

This morning  I sat down at my desk and really looked at my bits and pieces of this card. This morning it looked better to me or maybe I just slept more and my brain was working better. 

It is really hard to see the colors in this card but I was using papers from a new paper pack that will be coming out soon.  Be on the lookout for "Charlotte".

I just have one more card to make that this person requested but I am waiting on a special supply to come in from Amazon that CTMH does not carry but I will post the why and what's about that card as soon as it is finished and the cat is out of the bag.  Sorry for all of the secrecy but it is part of a gift for someone.

Hint:  I will be using glossy sticker paper

See you soon! 

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