Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Remember that time?

Let's back track just a hair to Halloween, you know before I had surgery and became foggy brained for a week.  

Over Halloween I had the chance to go and spend the night at a local retreat with my CTMH Consultant sisters.  Rarely do we get a chance to spend more than a couple of hours together so we jumped at a chance to play all day and all night, well we tried for all night but that is another story.

I was making some pretty good headway before I just could not keep my eyes open anymore, all of that chili I ate was making me super sleepy and even coffee was not helping. 

The next day Sylvia had the bright idea that we needed photos - so with no makeup on or decent hair we all went outside for the group photo.   

I am very happy with the progress I made and because of the time that I was able to dedicate I am ALMOST finished with the 2010 Family Album - like maybe 2 more layouts to go and I am done!  

Granted it is not the amount of layouts that "most people" complete when they are at a retreat but it was just a 1 night retreat and it was my very first retreat so I was a newbie.  

We left our hide a way vowing to do this at least once a year.

I am game! 

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