Friday, January 30, 2015

The Great Crop Prep

Over the next two weekends I have CTMH events I am attending that require just a bit of prep work before hand.  Tomorrow we have our big team meeting so I have a bag of supplies packed and ready to go there. 

Next weekend was the challenge:

The team that I am a part of is having an all day crop and I really, really want to go.  But unlike when I have crop here monthly - I can not just run into my room if I forget something.  It is rare that I leave my house for crop so I had to put some thinking into this process.  During last year's Team Crop I took card kits that were no brainers for me to put together.

Pages?  I had to think on it.

So I went to bed and thought and woke up in the middle of the night with a plan of action.  I will make page kits like I make card kits.

  Ok - what is the big brain idea you say...... 

Well I love to sew on my pages and I was having trouble decided how to handle this.  So I am taking all of it with me.  My templates do not take up much space and I will just take all of the DMC thread pouches that I make. The templates and pouches should fit into one 12 x 12 baggie with no problem.  The other problem was embellishments... So I will take an assortment of basic embellies with me and one basic stamp pad and sponge dauber for distressing.  

Page kits:

I already have my photos and journalling done so all I have to do is match paper to photos. Since I do not want to take all of my how to books with me - I am making copies of the patterns I want to use and popping it in the baggie with the photos, paper, stickease ect.  Since this is for personal use only I can make copies of my books.  The copies will also be great for making design notes as I go for blogging.  

The below photo is almost a year (2010) of family layouts ready to play with. I also have my cork that I use for stitching and my CTMH versa pad tucked in there.   I am out of page protectors or I would be taking an album with me to place the pages in as i finish.  I do have page protectors on my next couple of orders so that I can stock up again.  I had so many that I have not placed an order for them in 2 years! 

I was hopping up and down last night so much to get paper packs or put them back where they belong so much that my little pug fussed at me so I just placed all of my paper packs in a container while I am making page kits.

I have this sitting next to my desk and now it is very easy to find what I need during this marathon design session.  I will them back in the racks when finished.  
Getting ready for this all day crop is certainly a great way to use up those paper packs that we have been saving because they are just too pretty to cut.   

I only have 4 sets of photo to go and I will be done making all of the page kits for 2010.  Now do I think that I will get all of these finished in one day?  Of course not but it will be nice to have crop material done in advance of my personal crop nights too.

(see now I am using my noodle)

Happy Scrappin'

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