Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New ECLP Cover

I blame Sarah then I blame AMY!  

They started this whole Erin Condren Life Planner madness and now I have gone off and ordered another cover for my planner.
In all fairness to Sarah and Amy - when I ordered my planner I did not know that I could add my business info to the front.  Then Erin Condren or EC for short came out with the Valentines cover that totally goes with the CTMH theme.  I had to order it!  

Get it:  Close to My Heart = Let your heart be light = in pink and everything.... with hearts too...

Ok maybe I am the only one that sees the connection.  But it looks great as a business cover for my planner so I am keeping it. (there!)

Now I am just trying to remember how I was able to stay organized without this planner?  

Lot's of sticky notes.... in the bottom of my purse....

Have a great day!

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