Friday, January 2, 2015

Book List 2015 - A Classic Romance

There seems to be a fire under my butt - that or Audible is helping me with my reading list.  I finished the "A Memoir" and my only double dip "A book with a number in the title" 41: A Portrait Of My Father" in record time.  Well come to think of it the whole book unabridged is under 8 hours in the audible format.

Next book is under "A classic romance" 

When I was a teen - this book was turned into a TV show that I loved but I never read the book.  To tell you the truth I never considered it a "romance" in the traditional sense of the word but while doing research on Good Reads looking for the classic romance it came up in the list. 

I found it in Audible and it is 19 hours long which is perfect for me.  I love the long books because I can get lost in the story for a while while playing with my papers.  I also cook better if I am listening to a book. 

 I know that is strange but it works. 

I have to re-stock my card inventory so lets see how many I can get done while listening to Christy.

Here goes

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