Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meet Up

I found a new way to find information about my crops and workshops! 

As you know a number of my crop and workshop friends moved rather suddenly out of town and out of state late 2014. Since that time I have been trying to build up to full crops and full workshops again.

Mike has been using for a while to find his geek user group meetings or to hold meeting with his friends.  He sent me a link to a papercrafting meet up in my area that he thought I would be interested in.  

Well.... after checking out the site I decided to join as a coordinator and have some "meet up's" of my own.





The blog will always be your first link to any information but if you would like to go to meetup and RSVP that would be great too.  If you start a profile with them - meet up will tell you about other meetings in your area too.

I hope that by posting my workshops and crops on Meetup it will mean new friends for all of us to play with.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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