Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prep Work

So as I said in my last blog post, I have book a couple of Craft Fairs for the upcoming Spring Season - and with craft fairs comes the prep work.

Yesterday and today I spent time in my scraproom happily working on Valentines cards with the help from Pinterest. 

This first card is from Pinterest but I forgot to Pin it and write down who the original artist is, I was just excited to get working.  So this card is not my original work and if I ever find the original pin again I will post the artist.

There is Silver Gllitz on the hearts just to add a bit of shine and sparkle.  I know from this angle it looks like sand but from another angle you can not see the stamped image.

The second card I worked on today was inspired by the following pin.

I spotted this and my mind did a little jig because you know I love to sew on paper!  I did not do my hearts as free and but used a stitching template that I own.  

My hearts are not quite so defined as the ones shown in the pin so I added a couple of heart buttons.  The stamp is from a long retired stamp and it just fit on this card perfectly.  I was going to add some sparkles to the stamp then decided to keep it simple.  

I am happy with a good couple of days work.

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