Thursday, December 18, 2014

What a day

What a day it has been.  

I was having trouble getting motivated to fix the blog problems and or work on a few Studio J pages so I moved locations over to a little coffee shop around the corner from my house.  I have been sitting here most of the day drinking coffee or smoothies and getting some serious work done.

I think I have the blog as fixed as I can get it.  Most of the photos that were used to create the past blog posts I deleted once I thought I did not need them anymore - I know that was a big mistake but it is what it is.

Then as you know I have been working on my Grand Canyon photos in Studio J.  Since Monday I have completed 38 pages.  I have more to work on but uploading photos to Studio J is taking a while because I have it set on high resolution.

As soon as the last batch of photos load I am going to have to go home to cook dinner for my family but I am excited about the progress I am making with this album.  I am not going to give up traditional scrapbooking but this is a fun way to get those vacation photos into an album before the sun tan fades.

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