Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Camping

We have the best Thanksgiving tradition - We go CAMPING!  

My in-laws live down the road from a Texas State Park so we go over there to park our home away from home and that gives us easy access to visit with family but also have our own space.  This year the Grandparents Perry were in town from FLA.  We had a blast - in fact so much fun that I forgot to take any "Thanksgiving" Photos!  I know right?

We always cook the turkey over the fire but this year we did the turkey (large oven) and the sweet potatoes (small oven) then took them over to Perry's Place for dinner.  Barbara and the gang had the rest of the fixings all ready once the bird showed up.  Best part:  I only had a couple of cutlery items to wash and that was that!

Friday was a lazy around the fire kind of day but since it was so warm and pretty I decided to finish working on my Christmas Cards.

I found another use for clear blocks... holding down paper in windy weather.  I have never tried to do any sort of scrapping while camping but this approach worked out really well.  I used the Cut Above Christmas Card kits and just like that I am done with my cards.

Cut Above™ Christmas Card Kit

Item Number: Z2064   $11.95


10 – 7" × 5" Printed Card Bases
10 – Printed Banners
10 – Colonial White Deer
10 – Red Sparkles
12 – 3-D Foam Squares
10 – Glitter Paper Pieces
10 – Coordinating Envelopes
4 yards Red and White Baker's Twine

I just placed the kits (I bought 3) in a 12 x 12 box along with a basic scrapbooking crop bag and I was ready for some travel. Here is the what the finished card looks like.

On Saturday it was over to Perry Place to have a day relaxing with the parent and grandparents.  What a lovely way to spend the holidays.  No black Friday rush, no TV, no stress - just family friends and a campfire!  

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