Saturday, December 13, 2014

Doing The Digi Thing

I have a love / hate relationship with Studio - J.  I love that we have it and I would love to use it but it hates me.  From what I am being told by other people it is just a "Jenny thing" but today I am trying to get over my fear.

I have a monthly meeting with a group of consultants, you could say we have a consultants only crop and during these meetings we play and toss ideas around with each other.  I told Dorothy about my Studio - J phobia and she is helping me with the items that I am having blonde moments about.
Grand Canyon:

The original plan was to do Studio J layouts while on the road trip then to order the finished layouts once I was home.  The big kicker was that we did not have reliable WiFi on the road so I gave up.  Once I was home I start photo processing and uploading to CTMH to use Studio J and the program stopped me when I hit 250 images.  I picked out over 1000 images to use.  

Well before thinking the problem through I just had a big old hissy fit and sent all of the photos to Walgreens for printing!  Big mistake, because as soon as I was back to rational thinking a friend told me to break down the 1000 photos into separate "projects" of 250 photos each.  Now I feel stupid!  Am I really going to use all 1000 photos?  No but I like having options! 

After talking with Dorothy yesterday I decided to give it another go.  Tonight is like all of my past Studio J problems never happened - It is working like a dream!  I started working at 1 pm today and after a small learning curve I made 8 layouts in 4 hours and that is with the photo's uploading to CTMH after each page while my daughter is watching Hulu in her room (we are talking slow internet today).  

Yes these are two 12 x 12 photo enlargements.  Each page is $3.47, if you get an enlargement with Walgreens it is way more than $3.47 per photo.  Such a deal.

When the pages are printed they will not have the Studio J banner on the bottom, that is only for the jpegs.  While working on this blog post I have also finished 3 more layouts but will wait before getting those printed.

I think this Grand Canyon album is going to get finished really quick!

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  1. I used it for the first time, and loved it. This will be my go-to for photos I want to scrapbook but have a difficult time getting motivated to print and crop.