Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

I love to READ almost as much as I love to scrapbook so when I found this new reading challenge on facebook it intrigued me. 

It is not like most "book clubs" in the fact that it does not tell you what books to read what month but rather gives you a list of questions and you find your book based on those questions.

Found on popsugar.com

If you are interested in the facebook page here is the link: 


I love real books, Kindle books and my Audible books!!!!

When I am scrapbooking / Cardmaking I love to listen to books so I do not think I will have a problem finishing this list in the 2015 timeframe.

If you are a avid reader or just enjoy the occasional good book this might be a neat little list to ponder.  

The first book I am starting with is:

For some strange reason I love presidential reads

Stay safe this NYE! 

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