Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remember the Veteran's

I have two very special people I need to thank this year for their service to this country.  
My brother Tommy and his soon to be wife Erika. 

Let's start with Erika:

I do not know much about her service and I am not sure if I am allowed to say where she served but I know what it took for her to recover from injuries sustained while on duty.  She is an amazing woman in more ways than one.

PS:  I stole these photos from her Facebook page so I could do this post on the quite side....

I am not sure who this in the photo with her but let's thank him today too.

I love this next photo of her:

Erika has not only made huge strides in her recovery but is also she is getting her Master's degree this year.  She hopes to give back to her fellow servicemen.  
I am so thankful for her and so very proud to call her family!  

Than there is my little brother Tommy:

He went into the service while I was pregnant with Kaela and served overseas.  I sent many care-packages of food that I never even thought of eating but would carry well in backpacks.  The local Brookshires told me that if I let them know in advance what I needed for him they would order extra so I would not clean off the shelf.  I thought that was rather nice. 
 Tommy came back with no physical injuries to speak off but he still had a great deal healing to do.  Since the completion of his military service Tommy has found happiness driving a truck in the Texas oil fields.  He is back to his happy place! 

Both Tommy & Erika saw and heard what none of us ever want to.  They have to live with those memories the rest of their lives because they wanted to protect our freedom.  I am so happy that both were able to come home but many never do.  Say a prayer for those families today.

Today is the day to Thank the Veteran in your life.  Without them we would not be free.

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