Friday, November 7, 2014

November Crop: Delayed Start Time

Hi Ya'll

We are having CROP NIGHT on the 15th 

But I need to have a delayed start time of 1 hour..... so 7pm.

I will be working the Allen High School FFA Craft Show that same day and break down starts at 5pm.  My break down is about 20 minutes and I only live 2 miles away so I can be home by 7 pm.  I will just need to get the truck unloaded and our tables back upstairs and set up for us to play.

Now, for my long time crop ladies - I know that craft shows used to wipe me out and I could not function after completing one BUT now that I am not working 12-hour shifts at the hospital I am able to work a craft show and come home and play. 

As usual we will have some sort of dinner during crop (maybe Chinese delivery this time) so you can order with us or bring a brown bag and have dinner and crop.  Bring your drink of choice.  

Crop Night 

November 15th 2014

7pm to whenever 

My House

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