Friday, November 21, 2014

A Week At A Glance

Is it really Friday?  Where has the week gone?
I have not done much scrapbooking this week but I have been really busy.  Before we begin I need to up date everyone on the craft fair this past weekend.  I had a fabulous time!  I did not take photos of my booth this week because there were no major changes.  This was one busy little craft fair to only be two years old.

Kaela was able to spend the whole day with me (loved that!) and all of her friends stormed the booth to smoosh my child.  Just before lunch Kaela ran upstairs to grab an overview of half of the vendors and booths.   This is just a small part of the Allen High School cafeteria.   If you are in the area next year stop in - there was a huge amount of hand made items to be taken to their forever home.  

I had the fastest pack up in history after the event finished because it was also Crop Night and you know how serious I take Crop Night.  I miss seeing you guys each month so canceling was not an option.  My family was a HUGE help and I even had time for a much needed bubble bath before crop began,  

I was watching the morning news this week and they said there was only 35 days left before Christmas and I freaked. I am normally finished Christmas shopping before Halloween and this year I am way behind... like way way behind.   The local weatherman said it was going to be 70 degrees so I thought why the heck not.   

I gathered my list and hit the town.  By dinner my Christmas shopping was done!  Combine the local shopping with the two items I could only find on Amazon with the handmade gift items and it was time for the wrapping to begin.

Ok so hopefully some kiddos do not get on the blog for a while or my cover is blown but the pug was determined to be in my scraproom with me while wrapping gifts.  Every time I moved a box or a gift bag he changed places. The louder he snored the faster I wrapped.  Since the tree is not up yet all of the gifts are stacked upstairs.  We are not allowed to put the tree up before Thanksgiving so I will wait a bit before taking the haul downstairs.  

Now that I have the shopping and the gift wrapping out of my system maybe my creative brain will come back and let me play.   

I really need a play day!

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