Monday, November 3, 2014

Construction Zone!

Pardon the mess, I am under construction...

I am having two ceiling fans installed in the house this week. It would not be such a big deal but we have to run the electric and install the boxes because there are no light fixtures where I want these fans.

Why does this concern you?  

Because to get to the kitchen location to place the box they will have to pull up the carpet and part of the floor under my scrap desk to work.

So the plan is to fold up all but one table in the crop area to make room, then I will have to remove EVERYTHING from on and under this desk for Tim to be able to work.  

This desk was built in this room and it is all one piece we will slide it away from the wall.  There is a table leg right where Tim needs to be.

I will not be able to work while the construction is going on.

The upside:

When we are done I will have two very desperately needed  fans (one in the kitchen and one in the master bathroom) and I am going to do a spring cleaning as I put the scraproom and crop area back together.

Send Happy Thoughts to Tim and his crew that they have a smooth install and plenty of chocolate and coffee to me so that I can deal with the mess.  I do not do messes well. 

If you need me please email or text. I will have my laptop and phone but not my office for a couple of day.  
Thank you for your understanding during this process.  

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