Monday, November 10, 2014

Construction Finished

The job was easier than we thought it would be! 

I have been trying to get a couple of ceiling fans installed for YEARS and I am not kidding about the YEARS part.  In the past I have had electricians come out to bid the job only to tell me that it was going to be $1000 for one installation (bathroom) and they did not even want to touch the kitchen.

Then I met Tim.  Tim is the husband of my long time friend and cleaning guru, Michelle.  I love her to pieces but did not know that her husband is a contractor.  Well when I found out that little tid bit of information I asked if he would be interested in giving me a bid on getting these fans put in.  

Mind you we build this house when we were 29 and did not think of the "personal summers" to come so there are some rooms that did not have the electrical boxes installed for a ceiling fan.... that is the problem.  I am 43 now and I am DYING in the kitchen and the bathroom gets hot because it is over the garage and we live in Texas.  

Tim came over and brought an electrician with him. Together they formed a plan to put in the bathroom box from the attic and the kitchen box from my scraproom floor... right where my desk sits.  It was a great idea but I would need to move out of my scraproom for the day.  


Here is the one thing I forgot... Mike was going to be out of town for the entire week.  He would be able to unplug all of the computer, TV, printer, and Apple Air box but I would have no idea how to put it all back together by myself.  And before Amy tells me that I should know - you did not see that huge pile of unmarked spaghetti cords Mike left in the Crop Room.  

I had no idea what cord went with what machine.  So I was without my work space for the whole week Mike was out of town.  But the work was done - under budget and under the time frame given for completion.

So this is my scrap desk that Mike build for me about 10 years ago standing upright.  I forgot that Tim was going to be cutting a hole in the floor, so sawdust is everywhere but while the room was torn apart I did take time for some spring cleaning.  

I thought I took photos of the hole in the floor but I can not find them, in fact I know I took those photos - but what camera did I use?

The finished products: 

I have a fan in the kitchen but when I had the blog blow up I lost that photo.  So just know that it looks fantastic in the kitchen.

I am in LOVE! 
 This puppy can put out some air and it is heaven while putting away groceries or cooking dinner.  Worth every penny and a little dust upstairs.

The bathroom

This fan is a little smaller and it is white because I did not want it to scream "ceiling fan in the bathroom".  I forget it is even there except for the nice soft breeze while getting dressed in the mornings.  No light kit was needed because there are already a ton of lights in the bathroom. 

I am a happy girl!

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