Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friends Do Not Let Friends Scrap Alone

Throw Back Thursday

I was looking for a photo tonight -  I am looking for a baby photo of Kaela to add with her senior photo for the personal "ad" we are thinking about purchasing for the back of her yearbook.  You know the ones with a couple of photos of the child and a message from the parents.  Yep that one....

Anyhoo I was searching way back in my digi files and found a photo that will make you laugh and I just have to share.

Back Story:

I signed up to be a consultant 10-4-2005

As a very excited and new consultant who do you tell first (well beside the hubby) - your best friend!  

Amy was supportive of my new venture but not sure she wanted to jump in.  Well I finally convinced her and I think I have a photo from that first order.

The date on the photo is 12-30-2005 and that seems about right for us.  She has never let me live it down!  We joke that I pulled her in kicking and screaming. Almost 9 years later she is still one of my best customers and loves coming to crop.   

As for that baby photo of Kaela?  I am still looking for it.  I think it might be in with the "film" photos - please pray I have a digi file for my sanity. 

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