Friday, September 26, 2014

Card Making in Little Rock

We are on the road again this weekend.  Mike is speaking at the Little Rock Tech Fest and I am along for the ride.  Mom & Kaela are home this weekend.

Since I had a feeling that I did not have any "official" wife duties this weekend I decided that I wanted to pack a little bit of scrapping supplies and bring with me.  We are driving so I have no worries about airport security this time.

At first I thought I would just think up a design and bring all supplies with me and work on them from scratch while Mike is off playing with his friends.  Then I started to compile what would be needed for such an adventure.....

Ok I changed my mind after I saw the pile.

So then I thought ok, I will do the design and all of the stamping at home.   I ended up doing the stamping and cutting at home and it worked out perfectly!  I was able to get 5 card kits packed and ready to go onto just my table caddie.

This is everything except my CTMH self healing mat.  I have that in the suitcase.  

So after breakfast I found a nice bit table by a window in the lobby.   Some of the cards designs are past favorites that I am changing up with different papers and some are small gathering idea's that I am up-sizing to my regular card size.  Can you see that three of the designs are a past Christmas Card workshop from last year?

I stayed downstairs until I noticed that they were setting up for a banquet and figured I might be in the way.  So I came back upstairs to our room, moved some lamps around and opened the window for even more light and started working on my cards again.   I am all out of "thank you" cards so those are what I am making for my business use.  For every order that I get I try to always send a personal handmade thank you note for that order.  It helps to have a stash all made up.

I have food, drink, and my trusty iPod - what more could I need?


I need chocolate!

I took the photos of the cards next to a window hoping to get the best colors but they are not the best photos.  

By the time I get home tomorrow I will have 30 thank you notes all ready to go and I am mostly using scrap papers to make the cards with.  Not only am I getting a nice stash of cards but I am using up some supply stash in the process.

How Smart Am I?

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