Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paper Comparison

NOTE:  Photo courtesy of Sheila Wilson

Ever wonder if CTMH paper is really "that good"?  Is it really worth the price?

A fellow consultant was working on a personal project and was using retired Moonstruck.  She ran out of the Moonstruck paper before she could finish the project.  This is always a hazard of using retired products but we do what we must.

She ran out to Michaels to find a color that was as close as she could get  to Moonstruck.  Boy she found out there is a difference in the quality of paper when she went to use her Cricut Machine.

Here are her words:

I needed the old color of Moonstruck and was out. Had to go to Michaels to get similar. Cuts are horrible and the fibers that were left behind on my mat, will require me to scrub it.

And here is the photo:

The "P" of the left is the Michaels paper and the "P" on the right is CTMH.

Just one more reason I love CTMH!

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