Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teamwork Layout

One last post and then it is bedtime for me.  The theme of this weekend in Boise was Teamwork and the theme movie was Disney's High School Musical.  Michelle designed a very cute layout that incorporated a basketball (from the movie), a team photo, and team work.  The idea was to hand draw a border around the edges of the layout and continue on from there.

Have you ever known me to follow instructions?  I saw the sample layout and immediately thought that I needed to hand stitch the border.  There is one problem... I did not bring my stitching supplies.

On the flight to Boise my luggage was opened and checked because the stamp scrubber looked like bullets (TSA told me that) and on the flight back my carry-on was opened and check because my banana looked like a gun (again told by TSA).  Can you image me trying to get a needle and thread on an airplane? 

Anyhoo - I stopped working on the layout because I knew that I would not be happy with the final product unless I hand stitched like I wanted.

Fast Forward until right now...... All Done!

There are no major changes just a couple to make it more "Jenny" Sometimes you have to listen to the inner layout designer and do your own thing.

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