Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pink Jeep Tours

Yesterday we took the Purple line (bus) into town to check out the sights.  
 The first place we stopped was the Imax theater.  Inside the lobby was the desk for the Pink Jeep Tours (Jenny wants). 

No joke 45 minutes and a $65 lunch of pizza we found ourselves on a 3 hour pink jeep going to see the sights. 

If you go to many “tourist destinations” you will find some sort of tour package some where.  In  Vegas a couple of years ago we did the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.  This time we did the Pink Jeeps – the tours are well worth the money because they get you into places you can not go on your own. 

Larry was a great tour guide and we were able to get some fabulous photos from spots we have not been before.  He also gave us some tips on restaurants to stay away from if we did not want to be in the bathroom the rest of the trip.  Very thankful for that.  I know I am doing most of the cooking but I left room for eating out too.

Larry even took my camera to take a cute photo of all of us in the jeep.

After the tour we went back to the campsite to meet up with Bob & Barbara (in laws) they are stealing the kids for the weekend and taking them to Flagstaff to see more family and we went to the Arizona Room for a steak dinner (prime rib in my case) worth writing home about.  It was that good.  But I am not sure I will have another half glass of wine with dinner again this trip.  After the bus dropped us off at the front of the Trailer Village, Mom and I started giggling so hard that we were having a hard time walking and poor Mike could barely keep us standing – that is what happens when I drink a HALF glass of wine.  Mom did did not have anything to drink she was just giggly.

  I think it was time for bed for all of us. 

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