Monday, June 2, 2014

2 albums - 2 kids

What have I gotten myself info?

Many moons ago when Kaela was still in elementary school I found a company that would make custom "school theme" papers and embellishments.  I went crazy and ordered middle school and high school supplies to sprinkle in with all of the other beautiful CTMH papers we have.  The colors for both schools are the same but in reverse so I am really getting a huge bang for my buck.

With that shipment of custom supplies also came a Senior scrapbook album for Allen High School.  GREAT!  um no.....

I have all of Kaela's school albums made from the same company and it will look very weird to have that one senior album be different.  The custom album is also post bound and I have not used post bound albums in years.  Yes you read that right... I do not use CTMH post bound albums.  My personal albums tend to be way to big for traditional post bound so I found that 3-ring works better for me.  As soon as CTMH perfects the 3-ring I will buy my albums from them and be perfectly happy doing so. 

So I have this post bound custom album laying around... what to do?


Kaela's BFF... 

I can make her a senior album too!

So here is what I am doing.

I search the school website all of the time looking for stock photos that Kaela is unable to get with her camera.  I use those photos and sprinkle them around her albums for a more balanced look.   I just think about what I wish I had in my Sr. scrapbook and go from there.   When I print copies now I will just print two copies - one for Kaela and one for Ranza.  

I also found a Project Life core kit that will work well with the school colors.  Ranza is not a scrapbooker so I wanted to make it simple for her to slip her photos and memories into this album too.   I am going to fill in stock photos and any photos that I have of them together at events and then leave room for Ranza to add her own photos and memories of this next year in the album too. 

 I want to give it to her right before school starts so she can be adding memories all year long.  I ran this idea by Kaela and she thinks it will be fantastic. 

Wish me luck! 

Update:  I found the custom company info:
I am not sure if they still do custom school papers but if you are looking for that type of product for your kiddo's scrapbooks it might be a great place to start.

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