Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Busy Girl

Sorry for being away for so long but when you see what I have been up to you will understand.  

Honey Do List:

I have wanted to build one of those laundry organizers you see on Pinterest for a long time starting from when my cousin posted the laundry room make over that her husband built (it was beautiful).  But I only have so much wall space in my room because it is also leads to the garage - so I have two doors in this tiny room.  

The original idea was something like this:

As you can see it is a great way to keep laundry under wraps and organized without having it be an eyesore on laundry day.  But I just did not have the space for something this big. 

Then I was on Pinterest Sunday and found the perfect idea for my room.

This is my laundry room - see what I mean about not a lot of wall space.  

So we went to Lowe's and purchased a shelving system but did not buy the shelves.  I have this short rack by the washer and a tall right behind the door leading out to the garage. 

 What is nice is when I am doing laundry it is all right there and easy to sort right into baskets but when I am all done I just take the arms off of the rails and all you see is the rail system on the wall.  I have the space to have 6 baskets waiting for wash on a big laundry day or just use the short rails and 3 baskets on a normal laundry day for us.  

I know what you are thinking... what about the tall system being right behind a door - how do you get out?  I don't.  If I leave the house on laundry day before the laundry is done then I loose all momentum.  I love making laundry day a scrapping day for me too so I kill two birds with one stone - or 3 birds if you count that the scrap room is upstairs so I spend all day going up and down the stairs so it counts as a workout too.  

Carpet Cleaning: What a mess

Can I talk to you about carpet cleaning for a minute?  I have 2 out of 3 animals that are on the "older side" so the carpet in my house takes a beating.  I have one of those nice Bissell Spot Bots for cleaning up the messes but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and clean the whole darn carpet - like when the spot bot makes your living room look polka dot because of the clean spots it makes.  

So I dragged out my steam cleaner and bought a bottle of carpet cleaner from the store that was for "pets". The family was gone so it was a perfect time to attack the carpet downstairs - all of downstairs.  This is one of those times I love books on my iPod, I just popped in my ear buds and got to work.  The store bought brand cleaned the carpet ok but I just was not happy.  My carpet is the same color as the photo and it just did not look as clean as I wanted.  I told myself that the carpet is 13 years old and had a right to show some age but it still bugged me.  

The next morning I was drinking my coffee and surfing Pinterest again and look what I found!

Carpet Cleaner: 

Mix 1 gallon white vinegar
       1 cup Borax. 

Use 1 cup solution in steam cleaner and fill with hot water.

Hey this could work.  My mother in law is always telling me about how well Borax works so what the hay.  I found a bucket in the garage and went and bought vinegar and borax.  

Holy Cow this stuff works!

I went over the same areas that I cleaned the day before and was amazed at the amount of dirt that was still being picked up by the steam cleaner.  This is one of those times that you think your house is clean then get the ewwww factor while cleaning. 

After I was done I poured the remaining mixture back into the vinegar bottle after I took the label off and marked it as carpet cleaning solution with directions.  I will use this in the spot bot too.  

Just in case you are wondering - this is what happens when you stop working full time.  Give me a couple more weeks and you will be able to eat off of my floors!  

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