Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Menu Board

I was wasting time on Pinterest one day and decided to look up a menu board.  I have been taking my weekly eMeals recipes and taping them to a cupboard door but I was not happy just having my menu’s flapping in the wind looking like they had  no home. 
I saw a couple of menu boards that were made just like my picture frame whiteboards and knew I could make one of those.

Kaela was not using her white board that I made her 5 years ago so I stole the frame from her room.  I used the Buzz and Bumble retired paper pack.   For the first version I made  I cut out all of the words on my Cricut using Sunset cardstock but after I hung the finished menu board on the door of my pantry I decided that I just did not like the words so I re-did them using Sunset DMC thread and stitched them. 
 I love it now!

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