Wednesday, March 26, 2014



HI Gang,

I am so excited!  I have to “Wake up” in a few minutes but who am I kidding – you know me I never sleep well before a trip.  I get too darn excited.  I am leaving this morning to go on a Road Trip with my mother in law Barbara.  We have been planning a trip like this for years but work always made it very difficult.  Smile 

Now that we are both retired we are hitting the road.

The family is staying home and I hope that the house is still standing when I get back.  They are known little piggy's when I am not home.

I am taking my camera and laptop so hopefully I will have Wi-Fi and will be able to make blog posts from time to time.

Now as soon as I get back I will be working the Craft Fair in Carrollton. 


I will have a very fast turn around from travel to craft fair mode so I have already packed up and all of the goodies are ready to go.  I will be taking all of my hand made cards and a few retired products to sell.  Now is the time to stock up!

Oops there goes my alarm… Time to wake up.

See you soon!

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