Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby Steps

Has it really been since Feb 22 that I posted any artwork? 
This month has been a little strange for me.  I was not expecting to make an emergency trip to Florida and between the stress of the trip and coming home to a house full of sick people it has taken me a little time to put my scrappers hat back on.
  Today is the first day that I have even felt like coming back into the scraproom. That is so unlike me!
Since my creative mojo has been off this month I am going to just work on a card design today.  I was having trouble nailing down artwork to start my baby step back into the creative process and found a cute little card on Pinterest.
The original artist is Penny Ginnery (SU Demonstrator)
This simple, elegant card design is just what I needed to get my feet wet again.
Here is my version of this little card:
So as usual with a card I admire it has the same bones as the original just a couple of different details. 
Not a bad way to spend my day

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