Friday, March 28, 2014

Rhoda’s Hot Tamales

I am having a grand time!  On the first day of our trip Barbara wanted to to to go a place she found on the internet.  Rhoda’s Hot Tamales in Lake Village, Arkansas. 

My first clue I was in for a treat was Barbara's little giggle when she is up to no good.  I am looking around for a restaurant and she says to me “are you game”  Game for what?  Then I saw what she was looking at:


Can you read that sign?  :-)

But oh my goodness they are GOOOOOOD!


Making the tamales by hand.


Miss Rhoda herself.


We ordered a dozen to share but there we people coming in and asking for 3 to 6 dozen to go.   They were fantastic but I still have the heartburn.  :-)

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