Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am home

What a week! 

Nothing like getting the life scared out of you.  I went to Florida last week because my Dad  was in the CCU with AFIB and low BP.  My sister called me (alert number one) and then did what she never does…. told me she needed me and my brother. 

Dad and Bridge hands

Dad was admitted to the same hospital that Bridge works and for her to be scared when she is surrounded by the people she trusts with our Dad was enough to put my butt on a plane.

We went through many options to stop the AFIB from another cardiac cath to a cardiac ablation and everything thing in between. We were also scared that he had another heart attack but that was not the case.  It was decided that Citrus Healthcare was not able to do the procedure that Dad needed so we transferred over to Munroe Regional in Ocala. 

Once at Munroe the medical team decided on a TEE and Cardioversion.  That did the trick – the AFIB stopped.  Now his labs were all jacked up so we spent the remainder of the week trying to get his blood work back to a normal therapeutic level and he was not a happy camper after that!  But a grumpy Dad is a Dad that is getting better.

We did have some funny moments:

Like Bridget getting stuck trying to get into the bathroom to help the nurses as much as possible. 

bridge stuck

Then there was the amount of air freshener that we used… long story but I am sure you can use your imagination.  Smile 

Dad was released from the hospital on Tuesday and he still has a long road to recovery with a Cardiac Ablation that still needs to be done once they deal with a few more pressing medical issues but he is happy to at least be home.  

I flew home late Monday and have been taking a few days to recuperate myself.  I am just now able to turn my brain back to scrapbooking or even coming into my room.  My brain has been mush. 

Thank you for all of the prayers and understanding when I just up and left.

I am so happy that this Saturday is CROP NIGHT because



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