Friday, March 21, 2014

Bicycle Beauty

We hare having a creative kind of day.  It is the last day of spring break so my kiddo is home with me (not in the same room but home) and she is doing her thing and I am doing mine.  Here is a peek:
This is my play space (My Scraproom)
This is Kaela’s play space.
I find it funny that we both have the windows open and music playing while working on our artwork.  Like Mother Like Daughter Smile
So the inspiration for today came from a show Kaela and I have been watching – Ink Masters – and while I do not have any tattoos I find the artwork beautiful.  Last night they were working on consistency – meaning that the Geographic's of the tattoo line up  time after time. 
I wonder if I can do that?
Now if you know me you know that nothing about me lines up every time. I try, I even use a ruler but nope I just have a hard time with this one but I was willing to try again.
Off to my favorite inspiration place: Pinterest.
Ok this one meets all of the marks.  First off the cuts have to be straight.  Then the boxes then the banner and so on.  How did I do?
First off there is no banner – I was working with no measurements and just ran out of room (oops).  I am not sure if I would get voted off the show but I think I nailed it.   But you are right…. I like the banner too.  Smile

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