Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow Posting

So sorry for the slow posting but I can explain…..

Mike had a Company Christmas Party this year and being that I did not know anybody and it was a formal event I decided to put pink and while nails on.  While my hands looked very pretty I could not scrap to save my life!  I was puzzled as to why until I remember that the 10 years that I wore nails I was not a scrapper therefore I never learned to scrap with nails on?  Ever tried to pick up a button or a small piece of paper with nails that are not your own?  Impossible! 

But I have been productive…

Over Christmas it snowed




So for those 5 days I did nothing but stay in my jammies under the blankets.  Hey I am a Florida girl that moved to Texas.. What do I know about snow but that it is COLD!

Once the snow melted then I could move on to a project that I learned about while under my blankets surfing Pinterest.  Glass Etching! 

Here is the video that I found on Pinterest that explained it in “Jenny Terms”

And here are the photos of the canisters that I am trying to make for my little sister.  (shhhh she does not know that I am making them)


Overview of the mess in my class area


Ready to go on the jars


A little goes a long way with this stuff.


Now we wait.  I found out on the 4th jar on accident that 20 minutes is perfect.


I hope she will like them when I am done.'

I went today and had the fake nails removed so I will be able to play tonight. I am not sure that I will be a slave to fashion next year or not?

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