Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration

Earlier this week I was surfing Pinterest and found the cutest thank you card that I just had to try. 


So I was looking at this card and thinking “what pack do I have that would do this card justice?”  Duh! The pack that I have been HORDING…. DOTTY FOR YOU.  This paper is so pretty that is has been hard to convince myself to cut it.  Smile  The above card broke the spell.

Here is my version made with DOTTY FOR YOU paper.


It is dark so my flash washed some of the color away but you can see how well it translated.   Opps I just realized that on this one I put all my dots close together….. Well out of the 6  I made there has to be a goof card Smile 

I still like it!

Now I am going to see what other cards I can find since I need to replenish my “Thank You stash”.  I love that I need more thank you cards!

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