Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project Life–CTMH Style

I think that I have card making out of my system for a little while and it is time to get back to the art of SCRAPBOOKING.  I get into the mood for cards then back over to pages and so forth so never fear if you see more of one or the other.

I am still working on Kaela’s 8 grade album and now I am glad that I waited to finish it because I have a grand idea. 

8th grade was the starting year that I do not have many photos from school because frankly I am not at the school as much as I was when she was in elementary school so I am having to find different ways to scrap what I do have. 

For her 8th grade year I am combining her summer cruise along with the school year because frankly if I did not do this the school year would be maybe 3 pages.  REALLY.   So the cruise photos are going to be traditional scrapbook pages, some of which I have already posted on the blog.  I am just about finished with the cruise so I am making headway.  The school year I am going to do in a Project Life style using CTMH products.  

Here is an example I pulled from Ali Edwards site:

Ali Edwards


There is a whole system of Project Life that you can buy from Becky Higgins and when my niece Cassandra graduated from high school I made her a BH project life shell for her gift that she could just pop her photos in and do some journaling and have her high school years done. 

But instead of buying the system from BH – I just bought the page protectors and I am going to use my CTMH products to fill in the spaces. 

Here is the cover page of a sister consultant that really inspired me to try this.


(Michelle Battitori)

I can not give the link to the FB page for CTMH Project Life because it is a closed site and just for consultants.

I have been watching Ali Edwards do Project Life for a couple of years and have always loved it.  For some reason it never clicked that this could be done with CTMH products.

I can not wait to get started.

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