Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Was Thinking….

I am sitting here working on the rest of the cards that I scrap lifted (Who’s Your Valentine from last post) well anyway I was thinking that I do a ton of scrap lifting and you might wonder why?

A.  I have to try and re-create what I find inspiring.

B.  Every time I scrap lift a page or a card I learn something new from the original artist.  Every time!

C.  I consider scrap lifting the highest honor I can give and I am working on remembering to give proper credit to the original artist. (Pinterest is helping me with this)

I know that I am not the most talented scrapbooker out there but I have fun every time I sit down to play.  That is why I started scrapbooking – to persevere my family memories and photos and also to have some fun while I am doing it. 

I am so happy that I am surrounded by such wonderful, creative and generous women that are part of the scrapbooking and card making world.

Thank you Ladies!

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