Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chantilly Take 2

The the last post I posted this picture….


This is the photo of how the workshop is supposed to look and I had all intentions of finishing it to look just this way so that I could give you accurate times of completion and usage of supplies.

Then I got creative…..

Card 1:


This card follows the instructions to the letter. 

Card 2:


It follows directions close but I changed the stamp image in the left from arrows to dots. 

Card 3:


I had so much fun with this one.  The original card had the cake in a lagoon ink – but I have these pretty new markers I want to play with.  So I embossed the cake so that I could stay in the lines and plenty of color! 

Card 3 is my favorite!

Lesson learned:  CTMH gives you a great workshop to play with or basic bones to let your imagination fly.  On all 3 cards I did not make big changes but I did make the changes that made me happy.

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