Saturday, September 18, 2010


While dropping my Mom off at home yesterday I made a small detour to Greenville, Texas.  There is a small scrapbook store (Scrapville) that I wanted to check out.  It is not often that I go to a store because I am able to get darn near everything I need from CTMH but it was only a mile out of my way so why not?

I saw a couple of items that caught my fancy, like cow paper for the layout that I want to do about Equest and a couple embellies to go with the paper.  I started talking to the owner and comparing notes (store vs consultant) and she told me about some paper racks she was selling.  She found white ones that she likes so she was selling the black ones….SCORE!

Just what I have been looking for to hold  my cardstock and at a better price than I ever dreamed!  I LOVE these racks!  Now I am able to “see” what cardstock I am in need of and what colors I never have to buy anymore of :-) But as usual when you incorporate anything new into your scraproom stuff gets moved around. So here is “My Scraproom” as of yesterday:

DSC_0014 This is the only part of the closet that you get to see


DSC_0015There are those RACKS!   That is just cardstock. 

I need a larger sheet of foam board to put behind the top rack to block the sun but it works for now.  The tower beside the cardstock is all of my stamps.


DSC_0016  My workstation.

I am in the middle of a project but now I can reach my re-inkers and thread.

My paper packs are still above my head.


DSC_0017 Sponge Dauber storage.

  I use them all the time now that I can see them.


See what one trip to the scrapbook store starts?  But my room is clean now :-)

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