Thursday, September 2, 2010

Club Anyone?

I have been kicking around the idea of holding a club using the Workshop On The Go Kits that are featured in the catalogs.  The workshop will be separate from Crop night in that it will be more like a class and not an open crop night.  I am going to a class myself tomorrow so that I can learn how to run a workshop and get a feel for the amount of time needed. 

I need some feedback from you guys.... here is what I am thinking.

Now that CTMH has made the Workshop On the Go so easy to follow and so easy for the customer to order I am thinking of starting a monthly "club".

At the beginning of each catalog cycle I will send out an email letting you know what month each WOTG will be used and the Workshop date to match.

See page 24-25 in the Fall / Winter Catalog to see what the workshops and pricing.
Example only: 

September "Magnifique"

October "Hooligans"

November "Olivia"

December "Mistletoe"

Here is where you come in:  IF you want to do the workshop then you will place an order online for the workshop kit and have it delivered to YOUR house.  RSVP me to let me know that you have ordered your supplies and what workshop you would like to attend.  If you combine  your kit order along with your monthly order then you might get the Stamp of the month for FREE.  I love FREE! 
The workshop nights will be the Friday nights before Crop nights and will only be a couple of hours. 
So are you interested? 

I would like to get some feedback by 9-15-10  so that I can start planning and get some dates on the calendar. 

Email me at

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