Thursday, September 30, 2010

I was caught!

It is birthday card making time…. Yup I make all of my family birthday cards just once a year and get them completely ready to mail.  I started this last year and I have found that mailing cards to family this year has been a snap.

So I was working away in my scraproom, trying a new technique and Mike caught me making a mess.  What was the first thing I thought of when I heard the camera?  Oh, I hope that was a good angle to catch artwork?  NOPE!  My first thought was …. Crap.. do I have a bra on?  I scrap so often in the middle of the night in my jammies that you just never know :-)

And um…. yes I did.


I am so glad I was having a half way decent hair day


I am spraying CTMH paper flowers with re-inker to match the cardstock that I am using to make the birthday cards.

I think I need to make an INK BOX to contain the overspray.


The ink is:  a little alcohol, water and a few drop of re-inker in a spray bottle.  Shake until mixed and spray.  Depending on how dark you want the color to be you may need to let your art dry and re-coat.  I found that 2 coats worked great for these flowers. 

After learning this trick I think I am only going to buy White Daisy Variety Pack Flowers (Z1300 $5.95) from now on.  You get 75 flowers in each pack in 3 different sizes.

I love that I can make them match any project I am working on.

DSC_0007 This card is make using the Zippiddee Level 2 Paper.  I am still using that one pack of paper to make cards.  BTW did you know that the cards you find in the store have a 200% profit.  I think I will keep making my own cards and use that savings to …. BUY MORE SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES  (hee hee)

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