Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Survived

Well I just finished working a long weekend and even though it was fun: we had Oktoberfest, Grapefest, Plano Balloon Festival, Pat Green Concert & the KISS concert all on one weekend! The ER was hopping but with a good team we could get anything done.  Our butts were dragging but we made it!

Now that I am home for my weekend I am back in the scraproom and getting ready for “Scrapfest” at the Perry House.

Friday night is WORKSHOP NIGHT

Saturday is CROP NIGHT

I am sooo looking forward to a little time with my scrappy friends and just relaxing with you guys.  But today I have a copy of “It’s Complicated” that Amy loaned me and the new season of Grey’s so I am going to play in my room and have a little Jenny’s Time.

See you guys this weekend!

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