Sunday, January 10, 2016

Have Studio J - Will Travel

Mike was speaking at the Code Mash 2016 Developers Conference last week and I was on board to travel with him.  While he plays with his friends and teaches about Math or Software I check out the shops, spa and what not from the hotel. Sometimes I even get to see him speak depending on if the organizers are ok with me sitting in on his talk.

I have no idea what is talk is about other than math (it goes over my head) but all of these people did!

For this trip I wanted to try something different.  Mike said that they WiFi would be great because of all of the geeks in the building so I wanted to try and take Studio - J with me.   I spent the Saturday before we left uploading my photos into Studio J from my desktop machine, facebook, Twitter and our phones and while doing this I realized that I have not been very good at photo organization this year.  Once the photos were uploaded I was ready to go.

I worked in the convention area, the hotel lobby, our room in front of the fire place but the best and fastest speed for the WiFi was the hotel restaurant.    I just picked the slow times to sit in there and the wait staff got a kick out of me "scrapbooking at the table".  All I needed was internet, my laptop and a plug.

My CTMH 10 Year Pin

Making Connections - Dallas 

Making Connections is a meeting that CTMH presented locally and it was a blast.  I am putting these pages in my CTMH business album.

 These pages are the 12 x 12 layouts.  I needed the for sale sign for a scrapbooking garage sale in February so this works out perfect. 

Graduation and Party

These are the very last pages for Kaela's high school albums.  I am now completely done with all of them (K-12).  

12 Grade (corrected pages)

I made a HUGE mistake on the original pages - the year (s) were wrong.  So I fixed it and will replace them in the 12 grade album.


This past summer I was able to join Mike on a business trip to Norway.

I uploaded photos for the Family 2015 album also but was not able to finish those pages.  We had a fantastic trip and now that I know I can scrap where ever I go the world is my oyster.


I have a couple of retreat weekends coming up so I am going to concentrate on packing for those.  I am currently working on traditional scrapping my 2011 Family Album so I need to get cracking on making kits for these retreats.

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