Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Years ago Ali Edwards started the "One little Word".  She picks one word a year that will be her center (like create or fun) you get the point.  I always start out gun ho about keeping my "word" in the forefront of my life but then life gets in the way.

This year she has started selling Acrylic words that hang on the wall and I not only found my word but I ordered it and will hang it on my wall in my scraproom.


Along with my word I have changed my desktop screen saver to the above quote.  

I am beyond blessed that I have the life that I have and get to play in a field I love (scrapbooking). I have amazing friends and family so what more could a girl want?  Not much! 

So if my world is beyond blessed then why is my word "focus"? 
Because I let my daily life take over and forget to enjoy the creative side.  In 2015 I almost lost my love of scrapbooking - oh I was teaching the classes and holding the crops but I was doing very little of the personal scrapbooking that I love.  I even shut the door to my scraproom for a bit.  But I missed being able to escape into my scraproom and play with pretty papers while listening to a good book - so I opened the door again. 

Today my room looks like it exploded because I have paper everywhere and have completed two layouts so far for my family 2011 album.  I will post those layouts soon.

So this year I am going to stay focused on the creative while trying to balance the daily life. 

This is my resolution!

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  1. I feel the same way about 2015!! Did very little of my own and focused more on the buisness aspect. I also neglected my health! Here is to a better year for the both of us!