Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Album 2015

Last night Kaela and I stayed up way too late and while she was working on designs for her blog I was working on some layouts in Studio J.  

Remember in my last post telling you that the Family 2015 photos uploaded kinda weird - well on my big screen desk top machine I could see the images better to be able to pluck out some layouts.  

All of the Norway layouts from my last post are part of the Family 2015 album as well as duplicate graduation and party layouts, why recreate the graduation layouts when I can just order two copies.   Last night I worked on these:

I am really bad about not making a cover page for my albums, in fact I am embarrassed to say that many of my albums have a blank first page when you open them just because I never know what to use as the starting page.  Studio J is making that problem go away.  I simply take a couple of cute photos from the year or subject I am working with and make a front and back page from one layout combo. 
 (note to self:  go back and made cover pages for all of those albums)

The page on the right is the first page of the album and the page on the left will be the last page.  I love Mikes silly face in this one and since it does not go with any layout to speak of it will work perfectly has a closing page.  Add a bit of overview journalling and things are off to a great start.

I will not be making Kaela a "college album" so I thought I would pop a few layouts to document her "moving out" and her dorm.   She is a little overwhelmed that she has 12 very full albums that document her childhood starting from kindergarten - 12th grade and a Girl Scout album.  

Ah... Josh Groban 

Ok I just told a fib... these are going into my CTMH business album.  I planned on ordering 2 copies and forgot during the check out process so I will need to do that.  One set for my business album and one set for the family album.

I know that I have photos from when Kaela went to Paris but for the life of me I can not find them.  So for now the photos of her in the airport ready to go will have to work.

Our puppies are getting up there in age so the cold makes them head for the blankets.  I found some cute random photos that will make me smile every time I see them so I scrapped them.

Our last road trip before Kaela left for school.

You may recognize this layout.  It is from Kaela's 12th grade album.  I was working with the same photos to add to the family album and did not like the layout I was coming up with.  So I went back into my "purchased layouts" and found this one.   I liked it so much I am going to use it again.

These are not all of the photos from 2015 but I have a good start.  As I find photos from FB, phones, Instagram ect. I will print or upload to Studio J and work on the layouts.  I want this album to be a mix of traditional paper layouts and digital layouts. 

Not a bad beginning if I do say so myself.

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