Sunday, January 24, 2016

Facebook Changes

Hello my dear friends.

Yesterday I changed my facebook for "myscraproom" from a page to a group.  By changing it to a group I am able to post content with greater ease from both my laptop and phone.  

Why does this matter to you?  Well when "My Scraproom" was a page I was unable to see my followers or friends.  The page would not give me a list because it was listed as a small business.  So I was left to guess who liked my page and wanted to see more content.

So - I went down my personal friend list and added the people that I thought might be interested in my scrapbook group.  If you want to be added and are not already there then please click this link.

If I added you and you do not wish to be apart of the group then please remove yourself with no hard feelings.  I promise.  

I also deleted the FB link from this blog on accident 
(Mike was not home and I was trying to do the tech stuff alone)

It does not appear that there is still a gadget in Blogger for Facebook so that link might be gone forever.  I should have just changed the address once I changed from a group to a page but I was over zealous with my skills. 

As always I will try not to overload your email box with multiple blog and Facebook postings - because I do not want to become a pest.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. 

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