Friday, May 8, 2015

Take 2 - Color Dare 141

I have been a busy girl today.

I entered a blog contest (see below blog post) for the very first time.  I have never entered anything with my artwork so this was a huge step for me.  After posting the card to the Color Dare site I started thinking of ways to improve the card that I entered.

Do I think I will win the challenge with the original card?  

Probably not since I do not consider it my best work but I knew that if I did not hit send right then - that I would never enter.... I would chicken out.   

I decided to do "Take 2" of the same card design but make it the normal card size that I use.  So I scaled down the design from 8x3 to 5 1/2 x 4.  Then for some reason I thought that for the challenge I had to use stamp pad ink so I did.  For the Take 2 card I punched the circles and adhered them onto the card.  

Here are both cards:

Card 1 that I entered

Take 2:

I think that Take 2 is a much better card.  In fact I was texting with Dorothy about this and mentioned that for now on I will make card 1 and enter card 2 into the Color Dare Challenge.

How does it feel stepping out of my box?  

To be honest....


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