Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Rains

Inside My House!

Kaela came home from school yesterday and yelled from her bathroom "Mom my bathroom is leaking".  Thinking that it was the shower I was not too worried.  I was just in there around 2:00pm and everything was fine.

Then she yelled that all her clothes in the hamper were wet.  What?  I walk in her bathroom and there is water coming out of the A/C vent and dripping right into her hamper.  All the clothes were soaked along with her rugs and bathroom floor.   All I could think is that this could not be good.  

See I have two 50 gallon water heaters in the attic directly above her bathroom.  Thank goodness I have a fantastic plumber on speed dial.  I called Steve and he told me to call the city and have the main water turned off.  Check.  Next I turned off the A/C units because I was thinking that with all of the rain and humidity we have been having that maybe it was condensation but this would be a ton of condensation.  

We had to wait for Mike to get home because I am scared to climb the attic ladder to get eyes on the problem.  Steve was on a job and could not break free.  Mike said the floor around the water heater (s) was wet but he did not see any standing water.  

Then I also remembered that my scraproom is also UNDER the water heaters!  I have never gone up the stairs in my house so fast.  All is well in the scraproom so far.  We went and secured a room at La Quinta just so the family could run over there this morning for showers and since we were local with water issues in our house they gave us a discount on the room.  

Steve will be here in a few minutes to find out if we can fix the water heater or if it will need to be replaced.  He inspected both water heaters not too long ago is this is a problem that developed pretty quickly.  

In the middle of all of the craziness I hit a burst of card inspiration so I am sitting here making a batch of thank you cards.  I am making 12 cards with a few for me, a few for the sale racks and a few to send to my sister to use with her direct sales business.  

The pattern is from Wishes (page 19) and I am up-sizing it from a 3x3 to a normal greeting card size.   I like the color combination of Indian Corn Blue, Sorbet, and Olive so I am keeping those.  I am changing the "star" to a tag from the "Tagged with Love" stamp set C1614.  

I will post photos of the finished card soon.

Have a Happy Thursday!

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