Friday, May 8, 2015

Gee Thanks

In the middle of getting the water heater repaired I decided to have a creative burst!  Yep, let's not just deal with house issues today - lets also decided that I really want to play in my room. 

So yesterday I started working on this design with help from the CTMH design books.  I used Wishes. I loved the colors being used in the artwork in the book and I loved the pattern so I took those jumping points and ran.

The artwork in the book is 3x3 but I rarely make 3x3 cards so I wanted to upsize to the regular size cards that I made.  So first I made a template on graph paper just to make sure I had the measurements correct before cutting.  There is nothing worse than making the cuts, then when it is time for assembly I find out that I cut everything at the wrong size.  I also made color notes on the blueprint - since I normally start a card pattern then decided that it is time for a nap.

I finished the card this morning and I really like how it turned out even with Kaela letting me know that it sounds sarcastic.  

I added a bit of sparkle just because I can.  

The stamp set is:

 Tagged with Love (C1614).  

Colors used:

Indian Corn Blue
Sorbet (retired)
Colonial White

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