Monday, March 23, 2015

What Happens At Crop Night......

If you missed crop night last Saturday then you missed the fun. 

 Girl time, Chinese food and paper flying, oh, and digital images. Amy and I traded our SD cards to upload each others Seattle photos.  I think Amy will be working on these photos as a traditional album and I started the processing for a Studio J album.  

I did some quick photo editing and picked out the photos that I want to use in the album then sent them over to Studio J for upload.  While this was working I  finished the assembly of Kaela’s graduation announcements.  Needless to say it was another day of being covered in glitter. I love my life - how many other people get to spend their days covered in glitter?

I will post photos once the announcements are finished.
I was shocked to see that the assembly did not take all of the crop time and I was able to start working on the Seattle album also.  Here is a  screen shot of what I was able to accomplish.
Screen Shot 2015 03 23 at 1 36 08 PM

As you can see on the bottom of the screen shot I have 7 (2 page) layouts done so far.  I am working on my laptop so it is a bit harder because I use a Mac Air and the images are tiny on this machine.  The larger the screen the larger your images will be. 

 When I first thought out this project I was thinking that “Seattle” would be its own album but now that I am working on the pages I think I am going to change my mind from making a “Seattle” album to a “girls weekend” album to document all of up and coming adventures.  I think it would be nice to pull one album down and re-live our many adventures to come.

Amy spent her cropping time formatting and uploading a huge batch of slides to digital format.  So the keyboards were very busy with the two of us.  Jessica was working on her traditional cruise album.  She has made it to the Captain dinner and consider she mostly gets to work on her scrapping during crops she is moving at lighting speed. 

Our next Crop Night is April 11th. You will not want to miss the fun!

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