Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weekend in Seattle

There are times that I feel truly blessed.  You know that I was able to retire early last year so that I can spend more time with the family and travel with my husband more often (business trips) but last weekend I was also able to fulfill a wish that I have had since 2008.

Mike and I first went to Seattle in 2008 when he won a Microsoft programmers contest.  It was an all expenses paid trip to Seattle and an Alaskan Cruise.  BTW if you ever get the chance to travel on the Microsoft dime - they do it right!  We were pampered by the Microsoft people and Seattle made us feel very welcome.  While I was walking around alone or with Mike in the city I kept wishing that Amy could see what I was seeing.  The Public Market alone is worth the trip and I knew she would love it as much as me.

 Late last year I floated the idea of a girls weekend - just Amy & me in Seattle.  I was not sure if she would even want to go. She said YES!  Let the planning begin. I think she had as much fun planning our weekend as we had on the weekend. She also picked the perfect hotel!  

Here are some of the pics.

As you can see our hotel Inn at the Market is in the middle of everything!

We had a corner room and the windows opened! 

Amy is loving the rooftop. 

The Great Wheel is just a tad bigger than Amy thought it would be...

She walked my happy self right up all of these stairs.  Then I found the elevator for the rest of the way up (hee hee).

I love Grey's but do not need another coffee cup in this house so the photo will have to do. 

Then of course we have the final photo....

We had to wake up at the crack of dawn, on a Sunday and only then was the Original Starbuck empty.  Any other time there is a line out of the door with people trying to get in.  Yes it was worth it! 

Now we just have to find a place for the Second Annual Girls Weekend...

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